F.a.r.a.h Brushes

case study

Be Beautiful. Be you

F.A.R.A.H Brushes is a beauty brand which is mostly known for their amazing makeup brushes and their very own, patented tweezers, Z-Tweeze.

exxo digital’s role.

E-Commerce Website Development

Exxo Digital had an amazing experience building a full E-Commerce online store for F.A.R.A.H Brushes, LLC. It was specified to us that it is essential that the website we create is made in a way that can be easily edited by their staff once we complete the project. WordPress CMS x WooCommerce was the perfect solution. It was an easy choice since both technologies are leaders in their sectors. WordPress powers 25% of the internet’s web, and WooCommerce powers 30% of all E-Commerce websites in teh world. We didn’t stop there. We utilized the world’s safest and most reliable merchant gateway to collect payments. Utilized Google applications such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords to advertise and track traffic of the website. Employed WordPress’ most powerful SEO plugin to attract organic traffic, and integrated e-mail newsletter application, MailChimp, as a marketing strategy to attract and retain customers. All of this complete in a manner that is now easily maintained by the staff of the brand. 

E-Commerce Powerhouse

We didn’t just make an online store. We made an online store stratigically to produce best results and highest numbers of sales. By integrating features such as customer accounts, referal program, rewards program, cart abandonment notifications, digital gift cards, etc. we strive to maximize the number of conversions. 

SSL & Hosting

When it comes to E-Commerce websites, Security and Reliable Server aretwo key foctors for success. To satisfy both, Exxo Digital took initiative to install a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The SSL not only encrypts and protects user data, but builds trust with the customers. In addition, we decided to utilize a private dedicated server to host the website in order to accommodate any influx of trffic to the website. 

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